24 February 2011

Dessert Making Addiction

I suddenly became addicted to make my own dessert. It started when I made a Peach Refrigerator Cake. I loved it and everybody who tasted it also loved it. Then, I tried making my own version of Semi-Sweet Dark Chocolate Truffle. I loved it so much to the point that I wasn't able to take pictures of it because it was eaten immediately. 

Now, I'm searching for another dessert to make. I'm kinda hoping it's a dessert that needs no baking because we still don't have our own oven.

I'm now looking at the No Bake Cheesecake recipe. It seems easy but I wonder if it's OK to use my hand in making the cream fluffy instead of a mixer?

Well, I guess I'll just get to know the answer when I try the recipe that I saw this weekend.

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