26 March 2011

Sho Teppan Dinner

Last night, Doms and I tried the restaurant near Burger King in ION Orchard called Sho Teppan. It was the first time that we ate in this restaurant. The ambiance was nice. We were seated in the ledge in a high chair. I kinda liked it better if we were seated in one of the booths. Anyway, since it was a Friday and it's the Lenten Season, we ordered non-meat meals.

I ordered for Salmon Sukiyaki Set, which includes a big pot of different veggies in Sukiyaki soup while Doms ordered a Seafood Shabu-Shabu set. When I said big pot, I really meant big POT.

Our dinner was so heavenly! I liked my Sukuyaki soup and I can see from Doms' empty bowl that he liked his order as well.

I made Doms promise that we will go back to this restaurant again to try the pork and beef teppanyaki meals.

Sho Teppan is located at B3 of ION Orchard. Our meal costs 36.80sgd

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