27 March 2011

Osaka Town Lunch

After hearing mass, Doms and I went to Raffles City Mall to eat.

We were searching for a new and nice place to eat. Then we saw Osaka Town.

Osaka Town serves authentic Japanese food. My mouth watered when I saw the menu. It consisted of gyoza, ramen, tonkatsu and okos. It was my first time to try okos so I made sure to order it.

Doms ordered the chicken and hamburger set while I ordered the tonkatsu with okos set.

Okos was the pancake thingy on the right. It was my first time to hear and try it. It tasted like omelette with the usual Japanese soy sauce taste. It was nice! It was served in a grilled platter with a small "shanse" used for cutting the okos.

I loved how Doms order looked like that's why I'm posting this pic

Our meal costs 33.50sgd including one drink.

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