08 March 2011

American Idol 10: The Top 13

At last, the Top 13 has been named. Who will win the coveted title? Who will reign supreme among all the hundreds of hopefuls? Who will be the next American Idol?

(Enter American Idol Theme Music)

I was kinda jealous of Ryan Seacrest because he always get to say the dramatic tag lines of American Idol.well, he deserves it. I cannot imagine any other person being the emcee of AI, so good job!

Anyway, I was late in posting this blog because I was so engrossed in the sharing my recipes online. but anywhere, here it is.

The Top 13 was already named. At least the people that I like are there. So, I will still have reason to watch the coming shows.

My Loves
I love it that Scott was still in and really believe that I have a crush on him. I also love that Naima was given another chance. I like her story and I can see her passion in singing. Paul was also chosen and I always knew it. I won;t be surprised if that guy will go all the way the contest.

My Hates
I really hate it when I learned that Ashton was the chosen instead of the skinny guy from New York. I hate her diva attitude and I hate her face. And what's up with that Latina girl? I really didn't like her performance and I hated the song. And James is starting to annoy me. I'm starting to feel that he is over acting. Keep it cool man!

Disclaimer: The comments above are just my opinions OK!

I can't wait for the next performance of the contestants tomorrow night. I hope that everyone will shine and I hope they will give a good show.

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