25 February 2011

Loving My Cookie Snacks

If Scooby Doo has his Scooby Snacks, I have my Keebler Soft Batch cookies. I admit, I am really addicted to these soft, yummy, and oozing with chocolatey goodness cookies.

I can't help it! Everything about Soft Batch cookies is what I want in a cookie. I never really remembered who introduced this snack to our family. I guess it was my mom. I remember her doing her grocery shopping in Rustan's in Makati and she just tried this brand and all of us really liked it.

When I'm in Manila, I make sure that I buy one pack of these lovely cookies and if I get the chance , I make sure to bring another pack for Doms. I really wish that they have Soft Batch here in Singapore so I can just munch away all I want! Even Yuan loves these cookies!

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